food has power.

When I went back to school for nutrition, I had no idea how much I would love learning about the power of food. I knew I wanted to help people reach their goals using food, but learned so much more along the way.

As a society we say we're "fine." But, really we are anxious, bloated, tired, brain fogged, depressed and irritable. I want to scream from the rooftops that this is not FINE and some of not all of these symptoms can be healed by changing what your putting into your body.

Chemicals in our food are causing temper tantrums and attention problems! Not only in us, in our kids too! We hit a wall around 3 and wonder if we aren't sleeping enough or what our problem is?! Artificial ingredients are altering our gut microbiomes and making us bloated or running to the bathroom every time we eat.

The good news is, our food can heal us too! It can be so good. It can be the greatest medicine you put in your body!

You just have to choose which power you are giving your food... the power to break you down or the power to heal and fuel you.

❤️ Coach Niki

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