On the tracker I gave you, you may have noticed that I wanted each of you to reach for 5 servings of protein daily! You may find yourself wondering- what is a serving of protein?

Ideally a "serving of protein" would be roughly 25g of protein. This a general guideline but a great place to start.

Want to get more specific?

-Take your body weight and multiply it by .75! This number should be YOUR more detailed DAILY protein goal! I KNOW, it seems like a lot! Gym goers- especially lifters, you should aim for body weight x .9!

Eating the proper amount of protein is key for toning, fat loss, muscle building, and maintaining! The better you are at hitting this number, the faster you will reach YOUR goals!

So, if you are just looking to be all around healthier- a general 5 servings of 25g of protein is a good place to start! If you want to achieve better muscle tone, fat loss, or build muscle- you will have to be more specific to your body's needs!

The next question I'm sure your thinking, where do I get all that protein?!

-I really like to see 90% of that protein coming from your food. You can add in a shake or bar to fill that gap, but they shouldn't be your main source of protein.

-Meat is the easiest and most obvious source of protein, it is also a complete protein.

-As a whole, majority of people have no problem hitting a 25-35g serving at lunch and dinner, but miss breakfast and snacks!

Here are a few ideas!

Questions and/or comments?!

Drop them below- let's chat!

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