Registration Open for the 2nd Annual Holiday Health Challenge!

Grab a friend and let's build some healthy habits over this holiday season! Men and women are welcome to join! Last year 79% of people who participated maintained their weight throughout these challenging months!

Bring on a whole new way of looking at your health! No need for counting or tracking, we are going to focus on building sustainable habits that will last for years to come! If you are unable to exercise, (or have no desire to) no problem! They are optional and here for a tool if you choose to use them! Same goes for meal prep, we all like different things. I like to use these as a visual guideline to help you reach your goals!

We are doing things a little different this year and all information will be given via the Priority Wellness Spaces App. This is new to us, but we are excited to serve you in a whole new way!

Need a little extra accountability, no problem! I got you! There will be a coaching option when you register. This will include lots of 1:1 time with me to help you hit those goals! I will be checking in weekly. Spots are very limited, so grab yours now!

This challenge will begin on November 4 and run through January 4th! Let's do this!

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