-Why is it that we can stay in our deficit during the week but fall off over the weekend? We stay disciplined and fuel our body Monday- Thursday but then Friday night comes, and the wheels come off. Depending on your goals, the weekends could be sabotaging your progress!

It could be a few things, honestly. Firstly, I would have to ask if you are restricting TOO MUCH during the week. If you are eating too little or nothing you enjoy all week, you are more likely to binge over the weekend. Secondly, you are out of routine. You might not have a plan, or a plan B. Without a plan you are more likely to overindulge or grab overly processed, high calorie, fast food. It could also be that you aren't moving as much as you do during the week! Or maybe you are "rewarding yourself" for 'doing good' all week. These are all pretty simple fixes!

I like to give a few visuals of what this maybe looks like and why it can feel defeating so quickly!

Scientifically, if you want to lose fat you need to remain in a deficit as an average. When you ZOOM OUT on your week as whole, are you in one? If you're not sure, message me and I will tell you what your maintenance calories are!

Does this mean I think you need to restrict, restrict, restrict? NO, that is also not going to work as I said above. It will just cause you to binge on the weekends.

So, what do we do? I think there is a few tricks that will help you but the most important thing to remember is balance!

- keep that 80/20 balance all week long (graphic below)

-move MORE on the weekend to help balance the extra calories.

-drink lots of water to flush it through

-have a plan. maybe that means fuel for lunch and indulge at night or looking ahead at menus to be prepared. maybe you are just going to indulge one day.

-skip the beverage calories. specialty coffees, sports drinks, sodas, and alcohol can total 800 calories VERY quickly.

Find FUEL food that you enjoy! I also want you to understand that just because you turned down a second glass of wine or desert doesn't mean that it will be gone forever. You will have another chance at it. It is very empowering to make the decisions that push you closer to your goals!

-Coach Niki

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