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Aletha Erpenbach

I am a certified nurse practitioner with over 20 years of healthcare experience. I have been passionate about optimizing people’s health and wellness through diet and exercise throughout my career as a nurse. However, it wasn’t until my own babies began to deal with chronic health issues, did I realize just how profoundly impacted our health is by our environment and the foods that we eat.

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My Story

My "why" is my family. To help you understand why I am so passionate about full body healing through functional medicine, here is my own family’s health story:


My husband and I settled into married life on the acreage that he grew up in in 2006. We loved living in the old farm home that he had grown up in and started our family just 1 year later. Our oldest son was born in 2007. He was a perfect and wonderful addition to our story. If you ask anyone that knows us well, they will tell you though that poor Evan was sick from about 2 weeks of age until age 2. He had severe acid reflux, moderate to severe persistent asthma, chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, and eczema. He underwent EGD’s, swallow studies, multiple ear surgeries, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomies, and multiple other medical procedures from the time of his birth until age 2. None of his tests really gave us ANY answer as to why he was so sick. We managed his asthma with inhalers, oral steroids, and his sinus symptoms with allergy medications. At age 2, he finally was given a diagnosis of milk, soy, and peanut allergy. We removed these foods from his diet and continued the allergy and asthma medications and he was maintained on this regimen for many years, and we did ok. As a new momma, I was worried about sending my son upstairs to sleep. He slept in the pack and play in our dining room for the first 2 years of his life (this to me is a defining factor in his profound symptoms, more on that in a minute.)

In 2011, my beautiful daughter Aubry was born; outside of multiple ear infections and subsequent myringotomy tube placements and 1 hospitalization for a severe bacterial infection in her jaw, she was a much healthier baby. She slept upstairs in her crib after 3 months of age. We were blessed with our son Eli in 2012. He slept upstairs too. He had ear infections like his sister, asthma, and pneumonia hospitalizations x’s 2 as an infant, but all in all also fared better than his older brother. So, in a nutshell, illness plagued my babies’ infant and toddler years.
In 2014, my husband’s career lead to a major change in our life, and we moved off of the farm. The farmhouse was in severe need of repair and ultimately it was torn down. Within 1 week of us moving out of this wonderful house we called home, the mold that began to grow out of our carpet was indescribable. The mold that was hiding in the carpet, no longer was suppressed by moisture control, and it went rampant. The carpet was like a sponge of mold! My oldest son had slept inches from that carpet for 2 years…I wept.
In 2015, we moved into our new construction home and within 6 months both of my sons were off of their asthma controller medications and within 2 years were not regularly needing their rescue inhalers at all. Sinus symptoms for all 3 of my children were greatly improved, and we were so much healthier-Environment matters!
In 2016, my Evan at age 8, had started to show signs of depression, anxiety, and was struggling with recurring bouts of reflux and other GI symptoms. I began researching common causes of these symptoms in children and gluten sensitivity was highlighted with every search. (This sensitivity was very likely triggered by his immune system being so stressed for years). At this point, even after the correlation of how my children’s environment had negatively affected their health, I was still skeptical of the gluten free movement sweeping our country. However, as a nurse practitioner who has always been a big proponent for improving health with diet and exercise, I opted to try a gluten free diet rather than an anti-depressant for my 8-year-old. I was amazed at the results; his mood drastically changed; his anxiety improved; and his stomach symptoms were healed- Food matters!
Outside of Evan’s and my 3 children’s health struggles,

I have had my own personal battle with

migraine headaches, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and joint swelling.

A gluten-free, anti-inflammatory lifestyle has changed my life as well!

I continue to travel my own health journey through the use of functional
medicine and am ready to help you do the same.


My passion stems from my own family’s health struggles, and so I have been where you are! I know
desperation! I know what it is like not having answers for chronic health symptoms! I know what it is like not having success with diet and exercise! I know what it is like having doctors tell you nothing is wrong, but you feel like everything is wrong! I have a unique perspective of knowing through my unique vantage of living in the conventional medical model and offering care through this model. This model can work for some and does work for some. BUT if YOU are not obtaining your health goals with this type of care and you are ready to take ownership of true healing, I am here for you, and I can help you through my own lived experience and expert training! 

One final note, I believe very strongly in my story as a story written by my Creator. God has led me to where I am today and continues to lead me on my path. I want you to know God did create you for health, vitality, and purpose. You are able to fulfill your own purpose at such a higher level when you feel good! The world works so hard to fight against that through so many avenues: distracting you through busy, stress filled lives; distracting you with highly marketed, highly processed foods; distracting you from all that you were meant to be through the daily grind of day in and day out pressures, stresses, and feeling rundown. I believe we can live not as the world calls us to live, but as God calls us to live by the renewing of our minds (paraphrased from Romans 12:2). I believe this means living in constant gratitude toward our Creator, nourishing our body’s through His foods, and treating our body in full awareness of its unique purpose as a temple of the Holy Spirit. I will help you learn how to rid yourself of the toxins of this world and in doing so help you feel more alive and more able to live out your Godgiven purpose. I love where I have been, I love what I do, and I cannot wait to help you unleash the life you were meant to live in its fullest!

Work with Aletha

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In depth functional medicine initial case review and consultation

Discover root cause of chronic symptoms and begin learning how to heal your body through nutrition, lifestyle recommendations, and supplements.

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Follow-up consults based on initial consultation to continue expanding on total body healing.

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We will take 6 weeks to really dive into your health so you can become the best version of yourself. We will do labs and testing to get to the root cause of why you feel the way you do. With weekly meetings and full access pass, we will reset your body and you will feel better than you ever have!

Contact Aletha

Let me help you feel your very best. I want you to get to the root of the problem instead of fixing with another band aid! 

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